Annotated Bibliography on Universal Design

Accessibility - General


  1. A closer look : a profile of people with disabilities in British Columbia

    Presents statistics from the 1986 Health and Activity Limitation Survey (HALS) in the form of graphs, charts, and percentages. Also profiles ten individuals with different disabilities, and includes reflections from others. Readers wishing to gain a better perspective of disability in B.C. will enjoy the positive tone and inspiring quotations.

    Victoria, B.C. : [s.n.], 1992. -- 49 p. -- No ISBN.

  2. Disability awareness and sensitivity training / Department of Canadian Heritage, Parks Service.

    This booklet instructs members of Canadian Parks Service about persons who are physically disabled, and gives behaviour guidelines for staff to help meet the needs of physically disabled persons. Addresses the four areas of physical disability: visual; deaf and hard of hearing; mobility; speech and language. Readers will gain insight into each disability, learn to use positive words and phrases, and acquire useful communication skills. Includes training exercises and cartoons. Bilingual: French on inverted pages.

    Ottawa, Ont. : Canadian Heritage, Parks Service, 1990. -- 20, 20 p. -- (Access series). -- $19.00 plus postage & handling. -- ISBN 0-662-57316-1, cat. no. R64-182/3-1990.

    Canadian Paraplegic Association

  3. Equal citizenship for Canadians with disabilities : the will to act / Federal Task Force on Disability Issues.

    The Task Force on Disability Issues was created to determine the appropriate federal role in the area of disability. This report consists of the Task Force's inquiry results, and its recommendations on ways to include people with a disability into mainstream society. Contents include: changing federal-provincial realities; aboriginal Canadians with disabilities; federal organization and approach to disability issues; legislative reform; labour market integration; disability income; costs of disability. The Task Force travelled across Canada during their research; excerpt quotations from participants are included in this report. Also available in French.

    [Ottawa] : Public Works and Government Services, c1996. -- v, 113 p. -- ISBN 0-662-25115-6, cat. no. SDDP-019-10-96E, cat. no. MP80-2/9-1996E. Also available in alternative format.

    Human Resources Development Canada

  4. The new source book for the disabled : an illustrated guide to easier and more independent living for physically disabled people, their families and friends / edited by Gloria Hale.

    This useful guide provides advice and tips in all areas of daily life. Chapters include: personal needs; sexuality; leisure and recreation; the disabled parent; the disabled child; list of resources. Issues are discussed in simple language; concepts are illustrated with sketches and half-tone photographs. This reader brings awareness and positive views on living with a physical disability.

    London : William Heinemann, 1983. -- 288 p. -- ISBN 0-03-057654-7 (out of print).

  5. Spinal Network, 2nd ed. / [edited and produced by] Sam Maddox.

    This comprehensive anthology on spinal cord injury is included here as representative of the many guides to living with a disability. Provides a compendium of information on diverse topics: medical; sports and recreation; travel; media and images; computers; features; sex and romance; disability rights; legal and financial; resources. Barry Corbet revisits the people interviewed in his classic "Options". Photographs, illustrations, cartoons, quotes, and profiles adorn the well-presented text. This is an essential reference and resource guide for people with mobility impairments and their families, and an important awareness tool for the general public. Spiral binding is recommended.

    Boulder, Colo. : Spinal Network, c1993. -- 568 p. -- $37.95 U.S. (paper), $39.95 U.S. (spiral binding) ( plus shipping). -- ISBN 0-943489-04-0 (paper), 0-943489-03-2 (spiral binding).

    New Mobility Bookstore

  6. Understanding persons with mental health and developmental disabilities / Department of Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada.

    This booklet presents information on mental health and development disabilities, as well as tips and techniques for providing park visitor services to persons with such disabilities. It includes reviews of mental health disabilities in general, schizophrenia, affective disorders, anxiety disorders (panic and obsessive-compulsive), personality disorders, and developmental disabilities in general. Describes characteristics and behaviours typical of each disability, illustrated with lively cartoons. Includes a list of agencies that represent people with mental health and developmental disabilities across Canada. Also available in French.

    Ottawa, Ont. : Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada, 1994. -- 43 p. -- (Access series). -- $19.00 (plus postage & handling). -- ISBN 0-662-22141-9, cat. no. R64-182/6 1994E.

    Canadian Paraplegic Association


  1. Access by design / George A. Covington, Bruce Hannah.

    Presents a review of products and concepts which enable access to the built environment. "The impact universal design has had on the design of the home, workplace, transportation, communications, computers, furniture, products, and services is the subject of the book" (preface). Co-author is legally blind. The philosophy of universal access is emphasized throughout with checklists and random thoughts on design. Highlighted with descriptions and nphotographs of innovative ideas. Great for nbrowsers and designers.

    New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1996. -- 240 p. -- $69.95. -- ISBN 0-442-02126-7.

    ITP Nelson

  2. Building design for handicapped and aged persons / Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, Committee 56 ; Gilda M. Haber, chairman ; Thomas O. Blank, editor ; contributors, Thomas O. Blank ... [et al.].

    This series "is prepared for those who plan, design, construct, or operate tall buildings," (foreword). This volume surveys the state of and need for barrier-free design in city buildings. Part 1: Design and History of Specialized Efforts in Different Countries (Japan, United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Israel, Singapore). Part 2: High-Rise Topics and Technology. Includes photographs, tables, some plans (metric) and drawings. Highly readable text will draw a wide audience, beyond planners nand managers.

    New York : McGraw Hill, c1992. -- xviii, 254 p. -- (Tall buildings and the urban environment series). -- $71.95. -- ISBN 0-07-012533-3.

    McGraw Hill Ryerson

  3. Building for everyone : the disabled and the built environment in Sweden / [Mats Beckman ; illustrations by Bengt Serenander].

    This holistic approach to disability was contributed to the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements, by the Ministry of Housing and Physical Planning, in Stockholm. It reviews the relation between disability and social integration in terms of the environment. Exemplifies Sweden's leading role in rehabilitation. Readable text and light-hearted illustrations will appeal to a wide audience.

    Vaxjo, Sweden : Davidons Boktryckeri, 1976. -- 108 p. -- No ISBN.

  4. Design for dignity : studies in accessibility / William L. Lebovich.

    "For those in the design profession, this is an essential reference book. For the public at large, it is an educational document of major significance... By showing actual solutions to real problems, both the need and the resolution are amply and clearly illustrated for all to understand" (Kevin Roche, FAIA, 1993 AIA Gold Medalist). Describes models of accessibility in six different settings: homes; schools; medical facilities; museums; public accommodations; offices and government buildings. Includes plans and photographs.

    New York : John Wiley & Sons, c1993. -- xvi, 253 p. -- $83.95. -- ISBN 0-471-56910-0.

    John Wiley & Sons Canada

  5. Design intervention : toward a more humane architecture / edited by Wolfgang F. E. Preiser, Jacqueline C. Vischer, Edward T. White.

    Composed of theoretical discourses, case-study descriptions, and research studies, this collection proposes "to demonstrate that interest in social issues is alive and well in architecture" (preface). Photographs, cartoons and sketches lighten academic prose, most readily accessed by students and professionals. Includes the frequently cited "Accessible Environments: Towards a Universal Design", by Mace, Hardie, and Place.

    New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1991. -- x, 374 p. -- $56.95 U.S. -- ISBN 0-442-27333-9.

    ITP Nelson

  6. Disability and the city : international perspectives / Rob Imrie.

    "This book explores one of the crucial contexts within which the marginal status of disabled people is experienced: the interrelationships between disability, physical access, and the built environment....The author considers the role of the 'design professionals' - architects, planners, and building control officers - in the construction of specific spaces which lock people with disabilities 'out'. From shattered paving stones in the high street, to the absence of induction loops in a civic building, people with disabilities daily negotiate hostile environments. Using a range of empirical material from the UK and the USA, the book documents how the environmental planning system in Britain attempts to address the inaccessibility of the built environment, and discusses how disabled people contest the constraints placed on their mobility" (jacket cover).

    London : Paul Chapman Publishing, 1996. -- viii, 200 p. -- $39.00. -- ISBN 1-85396-273-2 (paper).

    General Publishing Company

  7. Transgenerational design : products for an aging population / James J. Pirkl.

    This well-researched sourcebook on aging in the 21st century is written by an industrial design educator, for a diverse audience: designers, producers, marketers, managers, health care professionals, and consumers. Tables and charts illustrate theories which challenge society's myths on aging. The author promotes transgenerational design "as a strategy for eliminating design discrimination against older nmembers of the population" (jacket cover). Includes descriptions and colour photographs of 60 "transgenerational" products, and comments non the different aspects involved for each (mobility, touch, manual handling, vision).

    Florence, Ky. : Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1994. -- xvii, 260 p. -- $77.95. -- ISBN 0-442-01065-6. ITP Nelson

  8. Wayfinding : people, signs, and architecture / Paul Arthur and Romedi Passini.

    Written by two pioneers in wayfinding design, this guide provides an introduction to and overview of this emerging profession. The first part explains the principles of wayfinding; the second part addresses the architectural, graphic, audible and tactile components of wayfinding design. Several hundred freehand and electronic drawings, diagrams, and cartoons illustrate theories and concepts. Most highly recommended for students and professionals in building management or planning. i

    New York : McGraw-Hill, 1992. -- xiii, 238 p. -- $65.00. -- ISBN 0-07-551016-2.

    McGraw-Hill Ryerson


  1. 15 Barrier-free environments / edited by Michael J. Bednar.

    "This collection of papers has been gathered together in order to establish an overall philosophical direction that would aid in coordinating various research, planning, design, administrative, and legislative efforts" (preface). With a focus on the larger issues of developing communities, the discussions raised in 1977 are still relevant today. Readers will find interesting city; the Fokus housing system, etc.), drawings, photographs, and plans. A good theoretical text for instruction on access to the built environment.

    Stroudsburg, Pa. : Dowden, Hutchinson & Ross, c1977. -- xiv, 278 p. -- (Community development series ; 33). -- ISBN 0-87933-277-8 (out of print).

  2. Practicing universal design : an interpretation of the ADA / Wm. L. Wilkoff, Laura W. Abed ; with a foreword by James S. Brady.

    Part one "covers the history and content of the Americans with Disabilities Act, explaining its rationale and the implications for architects and designers who must design public places that are accessible to all..." (Book News, 05/01/94). Part two provides a variety of scenarios that might be encountered by a professional designer, representing the exterior and interior paths of travel and general function areas in public buildings. This problem/solution section will interest students and stimulate discussions on design. Includes photographs, illustrations, and a complete copy of the ADA Accessibility Guidelines.

    New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1994. -- xiv, 210 p. -- $41.95. -- ISBN 0-442-01376-0 (paper).

    ITP Nelson

  3. Rethinking architecture : design students and physically disabled people / [edited by] Raymond Lifchez.

    This collection of interdisciplinary essays reviews a project at the University of California, Berkeley, entitled "Architectural Design with the Physically Disabled User in Mind. ... Chapters 1 through 4 present a set of personal and professional contexts for the project. ... Chapters 5 through 12 form a series of field reports from the perspectives of instructor, design consultants, outside observers, and students" (introduction). Envisions the architect as user-involved, rather than the designer of "custodial buildings". A wide audience will enjoy the readable text, and photographs that challenge conventional stereotypes.

    Berkeley, Calif. : University of California Press, c1987. -- xix, 191 p. -- $17.95 U.S. (plus shipping). -- ISBN 0-520-04434-7 (paper).

    California/Princeton Fulfillment Services

  4. Strategies for teaching universal design / edited by Polly Welch.

    Introductory chapters give a definition of universal design, a brief history of disability rights legislation in the United States, and an overview of the Universal Design Education Project. The remaining chapters describe Project case studies at 22 participating schools throughout the United States. Advisors to the Project include Ron Mace, John P.S. Salmen, and other leading professionals in the accessibility field. Readable text, illustrations, and photographs will attract both lay-reader and professional educator.

    Boston, Mass. : MIG Communications, 1995. -- xiii , 295 p. -- $29.95 U.S. -- ISBN 0-944661-23-8 (paper). Also available in braille, audio tape, large print, and diskette.

    MIG Communications

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