When can a landlord increase the rent and what is the maximum allowable amount?

Use this calculator to determine when a landlord can increase a tenant's rent and the maximum allowable amount under the law. This tool may only be used for rent that is paid monthly. The maximum allowable rent increase for residential tenancies is 0% in 2021, and 1.5% in 2022. There are additional rent increase allowances for manufactured home park tenancies.

Subsidized housing, where rent is directly related to the tenant's income, is not subject to rent increase laws. In these cases, the Residential Tenancy Branch does not have the authority to make decisions on rent increases. Tenants who have questions about rent increases for subsidized housing should discuss it with the housing provider.

Rent Increase Freeze

Please note: while you are free to use this calculator, the rent increase freeze has been extended to December 31, 2021.

Annual rent increase notices with an effective date after March 30, 2020 and before January 1, 2022 are canceled. Do not pay the increased amount.

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